Travel Bucketlist: A Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride over Burma

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Ever since I saw a photo of the hot air balloon flying over ancient temple with the beautiful sunset or sunrise, I’ve already decided that one day I will definitely do this. And if someone will ask me where is my dream destination, to this day, that picture is still the first thing that will pop in my head.

Below is a list of the best drone footage I could find online to give better appreciation of the place. Myanmar is truly an unexplored treasure. Someday I will get there and discover it for myself. But for now, I will just marvel at its beauty from my laptop.

Drone footage from Stephen Ko  which also won 3rd Place in the SkyPixel Contest.

Amazing, amazing video from Mark Harrison which was all taken using a what???!…just an Iphone SE.

And last but definitely not the least, Drone Video from desibackpacker.