Top 10 things an Asian needs when in Europe.

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Europe! This is a bucket list destination for a lot of people like me. Aside from the fact that it is hard to get a Schengen visa, the expenses (fare, accommodation, food, tours, etc.) are costly which is why it is often a dream come true. For my stay in Europe, I thought the only things I would need are warmer and thicker clothes, but it seems I was not ready for other stuff. I read a lot of blogs looking for advices on how to prepare myself but it seems that it was not enough. There are just some stuff that people do not talk about and so I want to share what they are.

Here are some tips to remember for your first Europe Trip. These tips are just based on my experience and so others might have some other advise. And yes  I know this is supposed to be a top 10 list, but these are the ones I can think of right at the top of my head. I guess I will just add to them as they come to me.

  1. Lotion, Moisturizer!!! – This is a necessity I tell you! My boyfriend laughed when he saw this on my list but aaargh..I don’t care. My skin has never been this stressed out. It’s like a desert now and will suck up any drop of moisture that I put on it. I first started out with lotion, but it will last for just an hour or so and I am dry again. I’ve now relying on a mix of coconut and olive oil, a DIY somewhat, and so far this made the situation a bit better. Not the best, but good enough. So ladies….and gentlemen as well, yes to lotion.
  2. Sunblock – I really thought that here in Europe I wouldn’t need sunblock lotion because the weather and the sun will not be intense like that in Asia. But..I ..was..wrong..again!. Mr. Sun will always be Mr. Sun wherever you are on the globe. Yes, the sun doesn’t feel as warm or hot as that in the Philippines or any part of Asia because the air here is cooler. But boy oh boy, it can still burn. I am more tan now than I ever was before, especially my face part so this is also a necessity.
  3. Credit Card with PIN – Almost everything here is paid using card. Even a piece of candy can be paid by card. Very, very different from Asia where cash is the more acceptable form of currency. This makes it more convenient because you don’t have to worry about not having enough cash. But take note, this doesn’t mean that there are no establishments taking cash. There still are, especially if you go in an area that is not so mainstream.
  4. Good walking shoes – Maybe this one should be number 3 on the list. People here love to walk everywhere. Nothing else to discuss here but you will thank me for this advice.
  5. Bring your own masseuse!!! – Massages are EXPENSIVE here!!! They are like thrice the prices in Asia. I come from a place where I can just go round the nearest street corner, enter a massage parlor and book a massage for $5. Here, I need to call first and book an available schedule which can be 2 days to a week from now and pay around $30 for a 1hr massage. This is crazy. So either bring your own masseuse or bring your boyfriend.haha