Poking Fun at the GDPR….or not.

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At exactly 12:00 am of May 25th, 2018 – This is the day that the prophecies were talking about. The day that everyone was busy preparing for in the past years and months. Judgement Day!!!!………..oops! sorry its just GDPR Day! haha

For those of you that do not  know the what GDPR  is, it is know as the General Data Protection Regulation. It was designed to give individuals, particularly those from the EU states, better control over their personal information. The legislation was ratified mid 2016 and immediately became law. The EU states were given 2 years to prepare and implement this as well.

In a nutshell, if you are a company or website that provides services or goods to the EU jurisdiction in general, then chances are, you are certainly covered by this regulation. You need to ask consent for every personal information that your website will or may gather from your customers or users. If you are in doubt on whether a particular information is considered personal or not, then just ask consent for it to be on the safe side. Or else, then just do not collect unnecessary data to avoid complications.  Sound easy enough, right? But nope!

The past months has been quite stressful for company and website owners everywhere. Everyone knows what they need to do, but no one knows how to do it or how to even start. Everyone was just waiting for someone to publish their new policies so they can copy or hack it.haha

But how did this affect the consumers? Well, a few days before, there were already some sites emailing about updated privacy policies or confirming subscriptions to their emailing list. But deym gurl! this morning it was like a rain shower. My inbox had lots and lots of emails asking me to reconfirm if I still want to receive content from them, some of them I didn’t even know I subscribed to in the first place.

Consumers took to twitter to voice their opinion about this day. See a few selected funny tweets below.

But company and site owners also wants to point out that this is not just a laughing matter, that hard work was done so they can continue providing services to their users.