Learning badminton

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As you are here you would like to learn this great sport. Here are some tips and basic lessons to improve your badminton play.

Before you start:

  • Before playing badminton you will need to warm yourself up to prevent injuries (at least 10 minutes)
  • You will need badminton racket (Try to get flexible one and full graphite frame with not so tense stringing)
  • Nylon shuttlecocks are great for training and beginners as they will last longer and can handle more abuse while learning to play

Let’s start :

  • Warm up, what can happen, what exercises to do and how long (!important, really not just for beginners)
  • What racket to get?
  • Basic racket grip/holding and basic shots in badminton

You will learn how to hold racket properly and use different grip for different shots or situations

  • Bonus, 10 trick shots from life games (For the future of your play 🙂 )
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